This page and the previous pages (Lesson 1) and (Lesson 2) guides you through step-by-step of Ms. Excel Training from the very basic knowledge to the most advance for you to become professional at the use of Microsoft Excel Application.

This training will greatly assist you to be versatile at your work place, improve your CV and Skills.

Lesson 3:

Comment, Spelling Check, & Data Validation

What you will learn in this section, via the video lesson below include:

  • How to Validate Excel Data (data validation)
  • Inserting of Comments in Ms. Excel
  • How to perform spelling check and correction
  • Good use of thesaurus in Excel
  • Cell Formatting in Microsoft Excel  (very important excel skill)
  • Auto data in Excel etc

The Video Lesson:

Watch this video lesson, then answer the questions below the video lesson, in other to enhance your knowledge.

Evaluation Questions

Carryout data validation of age of staffs between 35 to 58 years, and Input at least two comments in your work.

..Send your work to the comment section below, as an attached file. We will preview it and grade your work for you.  

End of Free Class – Process to Premium Paid Class Here

There are more to learn and implement in the training of Excel at the paid (premium) class. Such as the following Excel Skills;

  • Excel Formulas
  • Calculations using Excel
  • Cell Referencing
  • Excel Functions
  • Excel Data Sorting
  • Use of Pivot Tables
  • How to Protect Excel files
  • Use of Excel Data Charts
  • Power Query
  • VlookUp  etc


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