This page guides you through step-by-step of Ms. Excel Training from the very basic knowledge to the most advance for you to become professional at the use of Microsoft Excel Application.

This training will greatly assist you to be versatile at your work place, improve your CV and Skills.

Lesson 1:

Excel Worksheet Explained ( A Complete Guide to the Excel Interface)

What you will learn in this section, via the video lesson below include:

  • Excel workbook and worksheet navigation
  • The Excel Ribbons
  • Menu Bar
  • Title Bar
  • Excel formula bar
  • Quick access toolbar
  • Horizontal and vertical scroll bar etc

The Video Lesson:

Watch this video lesson, then answer the questions below the video lesson, in other to enhance your knowledge.

Evaluation Questions

List five (5) sections of the Excel Worksheet known to you from the training video guide above, and state their functions.

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  1. Thank you very much for your wonderful teaching, however, I think you’re fast. Don’t forget you have slow learner in your class.
    Thank you once again

    1. We will work on the delivery speed sir to cater for various learner’s type. However, you can always come back to watch the video as many as possible times again and again, because its available for you there online at any time, at any day, always!

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