About Course

The Adobe Premier Pro is the most popular tool for video editing.

With Adobe Premier Pro you will learn how to work with dynamic editing, color correction, effects and sound design.

This course will train you to master video editing profession from scratch and be able to create cool videos for yourself or for the great public.

You can gain lots of skills : editing video, video effects, color correction, video stabilization, creating titles, proxy, exporting material, keying, multi-camera, synchronization working with audio effects, transitions and much more.

After going through this Course, you can become part of a Video Production Team or work for Agencies and Media companies.

Our video editing online course on Adobe Premiere Pro are very simple and really useful. We are sure that during the course you will gain new skills and be able to practice them.

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What Will You Learn?

  • You will get solid foundations of the Adobe Premiere software and its interface, and you’ll be familiar with the main video editing terms and concepts.
  • Edits with the trim tool to further refine the production
  • Edit video clips And Apply video effects
  • Make a stunning and professional-looking scene
  • Sweeten your audio by editing, adding effects, and removing background noise
  • Give your production its own unique style by having fun with the color correction tools!
  • Understand Premiere Pro User interface
  • Perform color corrections
  • Make custom animations
  • Create a video project from start to end for any kind of platform, including instagram, youtube and tik tok.
  • You’ll learn how to stabilise, scale, rotate, position, animate and change the speed of a clip.
  • How to add music, sound effects and how to mix your audio.
  • How to colour correct and colour grade your video with a polished and professional final look.
  • How to create texts, animated graphics with the use of the keyframes and how to create graphic presets.
  • How to add captions and subtitles.
  • How to export your video in different aspect ratios and formats.